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Started by Shewholovespineapples


I get to a certain question in the AQ test and can't go any further. The buttons don't seem to register that I've clicked them. My progress doesn't save. I have tried 3 times on 2 devices.

I had the same problem on another project so it may not be just this project.


i also had the same problem on 3 different projects. on each project i got to a point where progress was not saved and the page did not move on


Hi all. Sorry for the issues. The questionnaire saves with each individual response, so you don’t have to save at the end. It seems like what happened is you just reached the end of the questionnaire so there were no additional questions to answer. We’ve adjusted the task so that it now alerts you when you reached the end of the questions, rather than just freezing which is confusing. Thanks for alerting us to the issue. Sorry for the confusion and any inconvenience.