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Started by Triz


What does the red/green line and percentage indicate during recording?


I don't know that, but I have more questions!
In the notes it says you can playback your recording but I can't see a button for that. Does anyone from the team actually check these chats??
… and incidentally I tried to do this on my iphone and couldn't see the guidance / tutorial notes, nor would it actually record. Is it really viable to do this in a phone or do participants NEED access to a latptop? Would be good to tell ppl that at the start!


Red/green line with percent is a level meter. Currently you can redo any recording, but cannot listen to what has been recorded (we will revise notes to reflect that). In the past, there have been issues with the recording feature on mobile devices which should be fixed. You may have to alter settings to make sure the app can access your phone’s microphone. It does work better on computers versus phones, but should be accessible and work on mobile devices now. Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.